Friday, May 15, 2009

New Happenings!!!

Haven't done this in so long. First of all, if any of you cousins are around please help a girl out and remind me how I am suppose to change my background because I can't figure it out!!!

Our family is doing wonderful. My husband has landed a job as the new Commercial Sales Manager at Pep Boys in Conyers. He is always exhausted from being on his feet all day, but I think he likes it. I took a few golf lessons and now I am so much better at driving the ball. Even drove one 195 yards at the Oaks the other day. If I could only fix my short game, I would be pretty good. The 3 oldest are in the middle of Upwards Soccer right now. They are enjoying it. Madison finished her production of Children of Eden and let me tell you, my girl shined!!!! Taylor had her final chorus performance for the year and her group 101 ( an ensemble of 3 girls) sang. They were rockin~~Andrew is enjoying Kindergarten. He is reading on a second grade level and is so very smart. Colton and Caleb are staying with Granny during the day. She has taught Colton about 10 letters already and he just turned two!!!! Caleb crawls everywhere, but not on his knees. He gets up on all fours and crawls. He also pulls up on everything and takes steps up and down the bathtub and couch. I am in the midst of putting together a VBS program and trying not to stress too much. I will be teaching Kindergarten next year. This year I taught 2nd and just found out all of my children passed the CRCT!!!!! Colton loves to read and is begging me to read to him soooooo......until next time. Love you all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SNOW 2009. I am going to try to post these pics

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Crazy Life

Sometimes, I feel that my life has to be the craziest thing around. Since Christmas, it seems, we have been running non-stop. We are at church on Sunday, Monday for basketball practice, Wednesday for church, Thursday for basketball practice, and all day long on Saturday for games. Madison has auditioned and is in the cast of The Children of Eden to be performed at the Social Circle Theater. There will be six shows at the end of April. Right now, she practices only on Saturdays, but as we get closer the practice time increases.

Madison gave us a scare this past week when she had to have her appendicts removed. One minute she has a stomach ache and a slight fever, we go to the doctor, we see a surgeon, and the next thing I know is we are at the hospital and I am frantically making phone calls to people before they wheel my daughter off into surgery. She did great. We spent the night at the hospital. She is still a little sore but headed back to school tomorrow.

Caleb still has a knot on the back of his head. It appears larger as his head grows bigger but still measures the same. His head is also growing disproportantly to his body so we had to go have an MRI done today. They sedated him. He is so fat that it was difficult to find a vein for the IV. The nurse was good though and got it the first time. He cried. I cried. Travis teared up. Then, they put him to sleep right there in my arms. Told Travis, I felt like someone who just had their pet put to sleep in their arms. Only difference is mine gets to wake up and live. Thank goodness. He did fine. Woke up a little drunk. Have to wait a few days for the results. That kinda sucks.

Colton is talking so well now. It is funny to finally understand what he is saying. Caleb is doing the eating thing and can scoot in a circle. Andrew was the student of the month. He is such a special little boy to me. My angel and my pride and joy. He is so smart, and his teacher can't say enough positive, good things about him. Just makes my year. Madsion is doing great in school still. She loves school this year and has the best teacher one could hope for. Taylor is still Taylor. Doing well in school, except Language Arts where she procrastinates to the last minute and gives me a heart attack over her grades. So far, she ends up with a good one before report card, but I am insisting that she get her act together now.

Travis has started his job at UPS. Been there almost two months. He averages only about 3 hours a night right now, but this is for the future. He just has to suffer through the mess for a few years. He is looking forward to racing this season.

And as for me, I am ready for the world to slow down so I can enjoy it. I feel so stressed from everything with the kids, Travis' job and lack of sleep, trying to keep the house clean when we are never there to do anything (how does a house get to be a mess when you are never home?) and wishing it would snow. I miss the snow. I love the snow. Love the way it looks, feels, and the peace it seems to bring to the Earth. SOOOOOOO, bring on the snow Lord. Please for me!!!

Anyway, that about wraps this up. Hope you all find this new year to be off to a great start and hope mine slows down and turns around.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Oh my word!!!! I thought all the people at school were crazy. Then I found out most of my cousins were crazy. Then I found out my mom and aunt had joined the loony bin too. So what was a girl to do, I got the book and started to read to find out what was so great about a stupid vampire. Now, I must confess, I figured I would find out these people were just jumping on the band wagon but I must again confess, I have been bitten by Edward!!! Oh my word!!!!! What a book! What a movie! I am reading the second book and can't wait for more. Having five children makes it difficult to get a lot of reading time, but I am working on it. I saw the movie today and I must say that some of the characters weren't what I pictured at all and some were dead ringers! Dr. Cullens I must say was much cuter than I pictured!! So, all you folks out there who have already fallen for Edward, I am right there with you baby!!! Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving and Madison's Birthday

Well, it is Thanksgiving tomorrow and we have so much to be grateful for in our new home. Caleb is growing up. He weighs 14 pounds and is 24 inches long. Colton is speaking intelligbly now and it is fun to finally understand him. Taylor is still trying to figure out the middle school thing. Andrew is so loving. I have gotten the best morning kisses from him this week. Madison just turned 10 yesteray and had a blast with her friends. They spent all night doing girly stuff. Travis just finished his last interview with UPS. We should know something by next week, and as for me, I am enjoying my week off from school. Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well I know that it has been forever since I have written, but I finally have internet and a computer again. God has blessed us so much through the fire. We have what seems to be a brand new house minus the disaster the first builders did on my sheet rock job. We have new living room furniture, computer, desk, refridgerator, microwave over the stove, a new stove and kitchen table with seating for 8 on the way. It is square thanks to Rachel who turned me in that direction!!!! What a great idea Cuz. Caleb is growing like a week and will be 3 months tomorrow. When I figure out how to put videos up I will tape him and do just that. Mine and the boys asthma is acting up through this weather. Never fails when fall rolls around. Jenny and I are getting ready for the Hooplah at church. I am about to complete my fourth week back at work. I guess this pretty much catches everyone up. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


God is Good. Jeff Blount's test results are coming back clear and prayers are being answered. Remember when you think you have it bad, others have it worse. Sometimes I forget that in my daily travels through this life!

On other notes, Andrew's teacher had nothing but praise for him tonight. She said she was amazed at how smart he was, how quick he learns things, and picks up on things. She said he is doing wonderfully and will be reading library books for AR next week. WOW!!! He is even behaving perfectly at school. I am one proud momma!!!

Madison seems to be doing well. Her teacher had good things to say about her. She is now wearing contacts and loving it.

Taylor is beginning to adjust to Middle School. She is overcoming some hurdles but will eventually get it down. She never has had to study and all of this is new to her. Plus, she has that middle school mentality. Boys, boys, boys. Boy, was I not prepared for that one!!!!